If you are new in to business, you’ll need to ensure that you’re not diving in feet first, rather dipping your toe in the water with the lowest risk opportunity possible.

There are ways that you can ensure your business is at low risk of failure.

  1. Choose a sector where your services will be high in demand 
    Accountancy, cleaning, garden services, repairs and restoration will always be required in the fast-paced environment in which we live in
  2. Low set up costs can ensure all of your financial resource isn’t drained right away 
    Franchises are a good way at minimising set up costs as much of what is needed is included in the starter pack, and a lot of the hard work has already been done for you, such as creating and establishing a brand. Low set up costs also mean things like being able to work from a home office and no huge outlays in products, equipment or stock
  3. Speed and timing to realise your investment quicker 
    You’ll need to get your business off of the ground quickly to start realising your investment. A franchise can help you to do this with express, intensive training and a programatic launch. Timing is also important to ensure you get the maximum exposure for your new venture
  4. Locally service based 
    Service based businesses tend to stand you in a better position to succeed because you are competing locally, not nationally for customers.
  5. Consider what you enjoy and are good at 
    Your business is more likely to succeed if you are enjoy it and have the skills to operate it. Try to play on your strengths when choosing a business to make failure a very low risk when its down to your efforts

Having considered the above 5 points, you should be in a better position to choose a lower risk business opportunity.

If you need any further help on our franchise opportunity, you can call our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 or email them at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for further help!

The restoration sector is BIG and for big demand, you need big numbers.

But why? 

  1. Much of the sector is governed by insurers, loss adjusters and loss assessors who are both local and national. The easiest solution is for them to have a national contract where they know issues up and down the country will be resolved effectively
  2. Experienced restorers know how to minimise the affects of a claim to keep the costs down and the speed of resolution quick
  3. Some jobs are just too much for one business, having a network of businesses helps with the larger claims
  4. Big jobs, need a lot of kit. Sometimes much more than just one business has, again, having a network of businesses helps with the larger claims
  5. Claims come in at all hours of the day, all days of the week, so a 24/7 365 call taking service is essential to be able to respond quickly

How do we measure up?

  • ServiceMaster have been established over 60 years in the UK.
  • With 100+ covered territories in the UK, we’re a huge network to get the job done
  • Experience is second to none with hundreds of experienced technicians working each day
  • Kit is the best in the business, with thousands of pieces of kit used day in day out
  • Our centralised call centre operates every second of every day!

This is why clients want to work with us! Do you want to work with us too? 

To register your interest to learn more about this existing and lucrative business opportunity, call on 0116 275 9005 or email franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk


This is a good question. A business in the restoration sector is no mean feat.

That’s because the work can be challenging and it’s not always in sociable hours. If you answer YES to all of the below questions, it could be a good fit for you!

  1. You don’t have any commitments, so can be available 24/7
  2. You are fit & healthy
  3. You can drive
  4. You work methodically and can prioritise work
  5. You are motivated, passionate and enthusiastic
  6. You don’t have any fears or phobias
  7. You are a good communicator
  8. You can work independently and as part of a team
  9. You can follow instructions
  10. You want to chase success!

If you’ve got to the bottom of those 10 questions with mainly YES’s, we’d love to hear from you. 

Our franchise opportunity may not be for the faint-hearted, but it certainly delivers its rewards in a very lucrative market.

You don’t need any prior experience, qualifications or training, just the attitude and aptitude to succeed. That’s because we train you in all of the operational and business disciplines required, to run a first-rate restoration business.

Not only that, we also provide a starter kit of products and equipment and a marketing launch to attract new clients to your new venture.

If this all sounds exciting to you, contact us today on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for available territories and future training academies