As flash flooding warnings are issued across the United Kingdom, our ServiceMaster Restore businesses are on call to help in our customers hours of need.

Flooding creates a busy time for our business owners. Often flood jobs are the longest jobs to complete with many stages of work to be completed before it is safe for the customer to reenter their home, or reopen their business. This makes lucrative work for our franchise owners as jobs requiring the most work and time, demand the highest ticket prices.

What’s involved in a flood job?

  • First inspection. This can often involve tracing the route cause of an escape of water, or if weather related flooding, how to protect the home from further damage before a restoration plan is formed
  • Once the property stops receiving a continuous flood of water, the removal process can begin. This is where the decision is made to remove and dispose, or remove and restore items within the property
  • When the property is cleared, the drying process can begin. This is generally a long process, whereby kit can often be left to dry the property out, with regular checks along the way
  • After the property is completely dry, there may be other items that cannot be dried effectively and will need to be stripped out and replaced as part of the restoration
  • Once the above has been decided, the property will need a thorough deep clean ahead of any remedial works
  • After remedial works are completed, cosmetic works can begin to bring the property back to its pre-flood state
  • Once it looks cosmetically back to normal, items removed from the property can now be brought back in after they have been restored or replaced
  • Upon competition, the customer will sign off the work and normality is resumed

Due to the length of time these jobs take, it’s possible to have many of these jobs going at once. This is because they’ll require a check in at different times and this can be accommodated.

More importantly, being recognised a business who can help customers in their hour of need is essential. Our established global brand helps towards this and can help you to be the name recognised as the ones to call should disaster strike.

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A Restore franchise involves sales, marketing and operations.

That means that you’ll need to conduct marketing to gain interest to your business and then convert it, using sales techniques to win business. You’ll then go out and do the work yourself.

Some of us are naturally blessed when it comes to sales. That’s because selling is often more successful when it’s done with confidence and personality.

You can build confidence and work on your personality, but here are some key skills you’ll need to develop to be a great salesperson within your business:

  • Communication – Communication skills are key when it comes to effectively communicating with both prospects and customers
  • Listening – In particular, active listening skills to ensure that you’re able to deliver the most suitable solution to the customer
  • Objection handling – Not every call will be positive, so a good skill to have is one to switch a negative to a positive
  • Negotiation skills – These skills are often developed with practice, but can ensure that you get a good deal for you and the customer both
  • Timekeeping – One thing that can ruin all of your work when it comes to sales is not getting back to a customer or prospect when you should, timekeeping is key!

There are lots more skills that all help, but those five are the key skills that we find benefit most of our franchisees when it comes to selling their services to prospective clients.

As part of our training academy we have a great session on sales training to ensure that you feel confident in your sales skills before embarking on your new journey.

If you’d like to find out more about our business model, available territory or our next discovery and training dates, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 /

Much of the time of your ServiceMaster Restore day will be spent providing restoration services in other peoples homes and businesses, but you will need admin days to catch up on the business and marketing side of things. But how do you make this time effective when you do it from home?

Here are 5 tips on how to run a business from home, effectively!

  1. Separate work and pleasure 
    Make sure the office/work space is totally separate from where you spend your down-time. This will prevent you from being tempted to work when you shouldn’t and relax when you should be working!
  2. Create storage
    Running a business from home will require you to have storage and when looking after data, it needs to be kept secure. Lockable filing cabinets, safes and other organisational furniture will be required
  3. Dress for the job 
    Wear clothing fit for the job, not your ‘comfies’ but something that portrays business. It will give you a better mindset to work and then when you’re done, you can switch back in to your ‘comfies’
  4. Fresh air
    Take regular breaks and where possible, get some fresh air. It helps refocus the mind and awaken you if you’re feeling a little tired
  5. Have the right kit 
    If you’re lucky enough to operate your business from home, you need to ensure that you have everything you need, to do it effectively. Computer, printer, storage and stationery to name a few

Above all else, you do need to be committed and motivated to work from home. Particularly when it comes to the distractions that you expect within a home.

If you’d like to chat about the ServiceMaster Restore business model and how it allows for flexible working, contact our team today on 0116 275 9005 /

ServiceMaster Restore can grow exponentially by retaining clients.

But why is it important to retain clients?

That’s because the lifetime value of a client is greater in a ServiceMaster Restore business because of repeat custom. It is very much a numbers game of attracting and servicing more clients each day, week, month makes reaching targets easier and much easier to predict. You can retain clients in all sectors and especially by building relationships with insurers, loss adjusters and loss assessors.

Having regular recurring income allows you to better manage staff levels, resources and investments. There are suitable systems in place to monitor these factors helping the business owner to make data informed decisions. Data informed decisions can be lower risk, preventing costly and poorly timed decisions.

How can you retain clients? 

  • Understand clients needs, meet and if you can, surpass them
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Ask clients for their feedback and act upon it
  • Reward loyalty
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Don’t become complacent

All of the above points are thoroughly covered in our ServiceMaster Restore franchise training academy. With continuous support throughout.

If you’d like to build a scalable business through building and retaining a customer base, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our friendly franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 / for territory and training information