ServiceMaster Restore is one of three ServiceMaster UK brands to team up with LAPS to offer lucrative and scalable franchise opportunities to former professional athletes.

Have you ever wondered what happens to athletes after they retire from their sport?

That’s where LAPS come in.

Life After Professional Sport (LAPS) is a careers resource platform offering advice, networking and job opportunities for future, current and former athletes.

Our partnership

As partners, three ServiceMaster Brands UK brands – ServiceMaster Clean, TruGreen, and ServiceMaster Restore – are three of ten brands that work exclusively with LAPS to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to former athletes across a range of sports.

These sports are typically football, cricket, tennis, rugby and athletics, but they have supported sportspeople in sports like snooker, cheerleading and more to build their new life after retiring from the sport.

The ServiceMaster Restore UK Franchise Opportunity

ServiceMaster Restore franchisees not only salvage and clear up the after-effects of fires and floods, but they also help with smaller unexpected disasters that occur in the home, such as spills and stains. With Restore, there is no job which is too big or too small. Their franchise owners have seen it all!

ServiceMaster Clean is the longest-standing franchise offered by ServiceMaster, operating since they first brought our carpet and upholstery cleaning services to the UK in 1959, alongside additional services like disaster restoration.

Since then, the ServiceMaster Restore brand has become its own entity, synonymous with exceptional service, the highest standard of tailored professional disaster restoration services and technological advancement both behind the scenes and in their service offering.

Through unique systems for success and market-leading products and services, they’re always looking ahead for ways to advance professional disaster restoration in the franchising space.

Their next advancement offers exceptional franchise opportunities to athletes looking to step off the podium while still keeping it clean.

Alan Lewin, Managing Director of ServiceMaster Brands UK, says:

“There are a lot of similarities between what makes a great professional athlete and a brilliant entrepreneur. From discipline to motivation, commitment and the desire to play to win. Our partnership with LAPS is a way we can help sportspeople bridge that gap and become great business leaders.”

“Our brands present an opportunity for athletes to find their next steps through a scalable management franchise, all while benefitting from years of business experience, a proven model and centralised support from a renowned franchisor to help them be in business for themselves, not by themselves.”

ServiceMaster Brands UK Franchise Recruitment Manager Matt Fowler adds:

“ServiceMaster UK is proud to partner with Life After Professional Sport, supporting their members as they transition from professional sport into new chapters of their lives.”

“Together, we’re united in our aim to provide essential resources and guidance for those considering a franchise as part of their new chapter. I am delighted to have secured this partnership and look forward to working closely with the LAPS Team and their members.”

Robbie Simpson, former professional footballer and LAPS co-founder, adds:

“LAPS was founded to help sportspeople understand their huge potential in the workplace and connect them with opportunities and dynamic businesses that recognise that potential.”

“Sportspeople are a hugely diverse bunch, and here at LAPS, we work with businesses in various ways. Franchises can be a great way for athletes to build their own businesses with a supportive team behind them. ServiceMaster Group share our values in understanding what athletes can do in the business world, and we can’t wait to see what this partnership yields.”

Are you a sports professional?

If you’re looking for your next opportunity after a professional sports career, you might find your future with ServiceMaster Restore UK.

Call 0116 275 9000 or book an intro call with ServiceMaster UK Franchise Recruitment Manager today to learn more.

Looking for your next business opportunity? You just found your people.

With over 60 years of franchising experience across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ServiceMaster Restore UK is springing into 2024 with ambitious goals to help six driven entrepreneurs expand their portfolio with a proven franchise opportunity.

Who is ServiceMaster Restore?

ServiceMaster Restore UK is a franchise owned by ServiceMaster Brands UK, a prestigious figure in the worldwide franchising sector and has been franchising in the UK for over six decades, offering entrepreneurs the chance to be in business for themselves, not by themselves.

ServiceMaster was founded in 1929 in Chicago, Illinois, by former minor-league baseball player Marion E. Wade as a moth-proofing company and began franchising in 1952.

We have been franchised in the UK since 1959 and offer seven lucrative brand identities as a leading franchise provider of needs-based residential and commercial services.

ServiceMaster Restore is renowned for delivering professional disaster restoration services for commercial and residential properties and as a money-making business opportunity for entrepreneurs nationwide.

Shifting up a gear

With over 400 franchise territories across the UK and aspirations to recruit their next six ambitious ServiceMaster Restore franchisees this year, 2024 is already big for ServiceMaster Brands UK.

Kicking off the year, ServiceMaster welcomed a new Franchise Sales Manager and partnered with Life After Professional Sport, making ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore, and TruGreen in the UK three of ten trusted brands to provide the next steps for professional athletes looking for their next opportunity.

These changes mark a distinct shift in gear.

While as a franchisor, ServiceMaster will always stay true to our unwavering dedication to supporting our partners to thrive, our key focus for the road ahead is ambition.

Within ServiceMaster Restore, we are looking to recruit six new franchise business owners in 2024 in areas like:

  • Milton Keynes
  • Watford
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Ashford
  • Severn Oaks

The Opportunity Ahead

ServiceMaster Restore offers a lucrative opportunity for business-minded individuals who want to grow a scalable, multi-unit, multi-brand operation with a significant return and asset value through unique models for success within the expansive disaster restoration sector with high demand and no growth ceiling.

If you want to develop a scalable business by using every aspect of the support ServiceMaster Restore offers, we have the tools to help you grow.

Though our business is service-focused, the opportunity is are sales and marketing business, not an owner-operated outfit.

From day one, a franchisee’s role will be running the business as a manager to develop the business through structured sales and marketing plans.

With ServiceMaster Restore, you do growth work, not grunt work.

We provide the structure. It’s your job to get in and drive.

Sound good?

Find your future with ServiceMaster Restore UK by calling 0116 275 9000 or booking an intro call with their Franchise Recruitment Manager today to learn more.