A day in the life… of an existing franchise owner

Are you interested to know what a typical day in the life of a Restore business owner would look like?

Alan Sutton of ServiceMaster Restore Rotherham & Barnsley (amongst other licences Yorkshire) shares with us a day in his shoes to help prospective business owners ensure that this is the right opportunity for them – although it’s worth remembering that no two days are the same.

7.45am I’m usually out of the house driving towards South Yorkshire where I have my office. I make calls on the way and each day is different. You can be dealing with a fire one minute, a flood the next, or a void clean for a housing association after that.

This morning I was on phone to a gentleman who found his electrics had gone due to a build-up of raw sewage under his floor. It’s up to me and my team to clear out the sewage and clean up the aftermath.

9.00am This morning I went straight to site. This job involved meeting a plumber and builder to do some trace work and find out where the leak was coming from. The work involved hacking into the damp plaster to do readings and identify the cause, which was multiple leaks in the flat above. I will quote for the job and then later, hear back from the client to know whether this has been approved.

11.30am I arrive at my office and start going through the calls I have received that morning with my office manager. We will go through any emergency calls, some that will need answering straight away and others which can wait.

12.15pm At this time I then receive a call from the client I met earlier from the sewage job who confirms the quotation has been approved. Due to the health and safety implications to this job, all work must be carried out tomorrow. At this point, it is ServiceMaster Clean’s responsibility to organise the operations and logistics required for the job. This ranges from the masks the workers have to wear to making sure the right equipment is available to carry out the job correctly.

2.30pm Time for a late lunch and more paperwork. Like many of the other franchisees, I too have my own key performance indicators to meet and it is my responsibility to keep track of all jobs we do as a company. This includes uploading photos, listing detailed costings and giving reason to how all work is carried out.

6.00pm I hope to be on my way home by this time, unless a major incident is called in and then I’m out on the road again.

Do you think you could work a day in Alan’s shoes?

If so, then the Restore opportunity could be well suited to you!

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