A sector that’s here to stay

As much as we try to avoid them or prepare for them, disasters will unfortunately always happen. That means that there will always be a role for disaster management companies such as ServiceMaster Restore.

The businesses who will fair the best in the fight for businesses are the ones who are: 

  • Established and here to stay, able to complete a job
  • Trustworthy when working in homes and businesses
  • Respond quickly to urgent situations
  • Do a great job with great equipment, products and expertise
  • Provide excellent customer service – Empathy being important

Price isn’t the biggest consideration for this type of work, so the ticket price is often a reflection of what’s involved because the customers are prepared to pay for the job to be done professionally and quickly, with minimal disruption.

We have established a great name for ourselves within the industry, we work with great suppliers of products and equipment and we train you in all of the essential business disciplines required to run a first rate disaster restoration business.

Invest in a business with a long life-span, one with a saleable value come the time when you want to realise your investment. 

Find out more about ServiceMaster Restore by chatting with our franchise recruitment team on 0116 275 9005.