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Why Entrepreneurship increased during the pandemic

During the pandemic, entrepreneurs opened up businesses more than twice the rate than pre-pandemic. But why and how? Government financial help Firstly, the government recognised that there would need to be support available to help individuals to survive financially throuought the pandemic. This is because some sectors were forced to close and would need financial […]

What is a starter package?

If you have been research different franchise opportunities, you may hear the phrase ‘starter package’ quite regularly. A starter package is in effect, items that you will find beneficial when you start your business that are included either within the franchise fee or for a set additional fee. What might you expect? Products to undertake […]

Centralised Support

ServiceMaster Restore are one of six brands owned by ServiceMaster. Being one of six brands as part of a world-renowned franchise is beneficial for many reasons and one being that we’re able to offer centralised support to all of our brands. But why is this a good thing? Greater learnings – Having the six brands, […]

Lower risk businesses

If you are new in to business, you’ll need to ensure that you’re not diving in feet first, rather dipping your toe in the water with the lowest risk opportunity possible. There are ways that you can ensure your business is at low risk of failure. Choose a sector where your services will be high […]

Strength in numbers

The restoration sector is BIG and for big demand, you need big numbers. But why?  Much of the sector is governed by insurers, loss adjusters and loss assessors who are both local and national. The easiest solution is for them to have a national contract where they know issues up and down the country will […]

How do you know if a Restore franchise is right for you?

This is a good question. A business in the restoration sector is no mean feat. That’s because the work can be challenging and it’s not always in sociable hours. If you answer YES to all of the below questions, it could be a good fit for you! You don’t have any commitments, so can be […]

ServiceMaster Brands Podcast – Episode 2

ServiceMaster Restore Franchise is one brand of 6, all a part of ServiceMaster Brands. The team at ServiceMaster Brands have launched a NEW podcast channel for you to keep up with all things ServiceMaster Brands. Episode 2 is all about how our Franchise Sales Manager, Emma Chappell, helps to match entrepreneurs to their dream franchise […]

Why franchises might fail

Not the usual type of post you would expect to see, but some franchises do fail. Here’s some reasons why that may happen and how you can prevent it from happening to you; Unrealistic expectations  It’s possible that your expectations may not have been inline with the capabilities of the franchise. This for some makes […]

5 Questions to ask a Franchisor

The research process to buying a franchise is an important one. There are a minimum of 5 questions to ask a franchisor to help you in this process. These questions aren’t the typical questions relating to financials and what you get for your investment. These 5 questions are ones that could potentially help you to […]

Benefits of owning your own business

There are some great benefits to being a business owner and we are looking for enthusiastic, driven and determined business owners to own and operate ServiceMaster Restore franchise businesses across the country. In joining ServiceMaster Restore as a franchise business owner, you can enjoy the following benefits; Control your own destiny  You are the decision […]