Building a scalable Restore franchise

It’s a common misconception that when you buy a business, that you are buying yourself a job.

You are actually investing in an asset for the future. Either way, you will build it up to either sell it or pass it down in the future. We support you in your growth plans through our experience in franchising, business and the restoration sector.

A Restore franchise is a fully scalable opportunity.

Early Stages

Firstly, you’ll begin the business on your own, taking on a role where you sell to and service your customers yourself. This is only in the very early stages where you have enough capacity to do both. As you grow your business you will need extra help.

Later Stages 

You’ll need extra help firstly in recruiting technicians to help you to carry out your restoration services, particularly as your portfolio of work grows from recommendations and referrals.

As you reach capacity again, it would be beneficial to look at help in other areas of the business, potentially sales, admin or a senior technician to help the business to run more smoothly ahead of bringing larger contracts on board.

Final Stages

The end goal is to make the business able to operate without you. In that it is a managed business, ideally with a manager in place. This makes the business attractive to a prospective buyer and helps them to visualise taking it over with ease.

We have businesses in all stages of this process and there are no time limits for any of the stages. If you’d like to talk through the opportunity of a scalable Restore business, contact our franchise recruitment team on 0116 275 9005 or at