This is a good question. A business in the restoration sector is no mean feat.

That’s because the work can be challenging and it’s not always in sociable hours. If you answer YES to all of the below questions, it could be a good fit for you!

  1. You don’t have any commitments, so can be available 24/7
  2. You are fit & healthy
  3. You can drive
  4. You work methodically and can prioritise work
  5. You are motivated, passionate and enthusiastic
  6. You don’t have any fears or phobias
  7. You are a good communicator
  8. You can work independently and as part of a team
  9. You can follow instructions
  10. You want to chase success!

If you’ve got to the bottom of those 10 questions with mainly YES’s, we’d love to hear from you. 

Our franchise opportunity may not be for the faint-hearted, but it certainly delivers its rewards in a very lucrative market.

You don’t need any prior experience, qualifications or training, just the attitude and aptitude to succeed. That’s because we train you in all of the operational and business disciplines required, to run a first-rate restoration business.

Not only that, we also provide a starter kit of products and equipment and a marketing launch to attract new clients to your new venture.

If this all sounds exciting to you, contact us today on 0116 275 9005 / for available territories and future training academies

ServiceMaster Restore Franchise is one brand of 6, all a part of ServiceMaster Brands.

The team at ServiceMaster Brands have launched a NEW podcast channel for you to keep up with all things ServiceMaster Brands.

Episode 2 is all about how our Franchise Sales Manager, Emma Chappell, helps to match entrepreneurs to their dream franchise to achieve their goals in business.

You can give it a watch HERE.

Emma can help with all things franchising including:

  • General information
  • Finance
  • Training
  • Suitability
  • Territory
  • Availability
  • Resales

For any enquiries, you can speak directly to Emma at 0116 275 9005 or on email at

Not the usual type of post you would expect to see, but some franchises do fail. Here’s some reasons why that may happen and how you can prevent it from happening to you;

Unrealistic expectations 

It’s possible that your expectations may not have been inline with the capabilities of the franchise. This for some makes the business a regret and a failure more likely.

Insufficient funds 

A business can’t operate on thin air and sometimes a business owners funds may have run dry before they’ve even got started. Often putting strain on the business and not giving it the opportunity to grow before it is closed down.

Poor marketing 

Marketing makes the phone ring. If you don’t start, or you stop, it has a detrimental effect on your business. Marketing is often undervalued in a business, particularly when other things ‘seem’ more important.

Lack of focus 

Especially in the early days, a new business requires every bit of focus possible to get it up off of the ground. Distractions can often be to blame when a business begins to fail.

Low motivation 

In business you need to be hungry to succeed. That hunger is what drives the business forward and keeps it moving forward. Without it, the business is likely to plateau or decline.

The reasons above are some of the most common, and the best franchisors can identify franchise owners in the early stages of them to help engage and coach them back in to operating a successful business.

At ServiceMaster Restore, our franchise team are dedicated to ensuring that a Restore Franchise is right for every entrepreneur. If we don’t think it is, we’ll say so.
It’s in our interests to ensure that every entrepreneur has the same opportunity to succeed.

For further information on joining our restoration services franchise, contact us here or call 0116 275 9005 for further information

The research process to buying a franchise is an important one. There are a minimum of 5 questions to ask a franchisor to help you in this process. These questions aren’t the typical questions relating to financials and what you get for your investment.

These 5 questions are ones that could potentially help you to make your decision based on your human needs.

  1. In what areas do you offer support? 
    Why – You might be strong in some areas of business, but not others. You need to ensure you’re strong in all
    Our answer – We offer support in all areas of the business.
  2. Are there any existing franchise owners who have come from a similar background?
    Why – You can then ask for their story and if you could be put in touch with them
    Our answer – We absolutely can match you to existing franchisees in our networks and of course, you can chat with them.
  3. Do you have a ‘buddy scheme’? 
    Why – Partnering up with a more established business owner can help you to follow in their footsteps, learn from their mistakes and grow
    Our answer – We do!
  4. Are there any additional training opportunities?
    Why – The initial training might not be enough, could be too overwhelming and over too quickly for some
    Our answer – Absolutely, we offer continuous refresher and new training opportunities.
  5. What communal events do you have and do you recognise achievements? 
    Why – Communal events represent togetherness and recognising achievements fosters motivation
    Our answer – We do, large events at least once per year and regional events quarterly. Our awards our annual too.

Through asking the above 5 questions, you’re giving the franchisor the opportunity to respond to your human needs.

If there’s anything else we can help with, most questions have been asked and there’s no such thing as a silly question so ask away.

0116 275 9005 /

There are some great benefits to being a business owner and we are looking for enthusiastic, driven and determined business owners to own and operate ServiceMaster Restore franchise businesses across the country.

In joining ServiceMaster Restore as a franchise business owner, you can enjoy the following benefits;

Control your own destiny 

You are the decision maker, goal setter and getter. As such, you can control where your business goes and what it achieves. There is no greater reward than reaching your destination and we help to make the journey as comfortable as possible with our support and expertise.

Take on the risk and reap the rewards 

Fortunately, the risk associated with a franchise is much lower than going it alone. This is because of the learnings made before you. Take the leap and enjoy the rewards in a safer way to do business.

Choose the people you work with 

When you own your own business, you can to choose the people to help you to reach your goals. You can build a strong team of likeminded individuals who are all dedicated to the cause and if you’re unsure of what to look for, we can help.

Lifestyle and freedom 

If you dream of a particular lifestyle and freedom from a ‘typical day in employment’ then owning your own business is suited to you. You can choose when you work, where you work and ultimately how you work, to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Financial rewards 

It goes without saying that when you work hard, you work hard for yourself. Your hard work pays you your own dividends rather than an employers. If you are hungry to make money and want to know how using a proven business model, then a ServiceMaster franchise (there’s eight in total to choose from) could be for you.

If you would like to chat more about how we can help you to become a business owner with an established brand, proven business model and support when and where you need it, chat to us on 0116 275 9005 or via email

ServiceMaster Restore is a nationally recognised brand in the restoration services sector. But why is this important?

For you as a potential franchise owner, the brand can bring the following, helping a customer or client with their decision to use you;

  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Established
  • Reputable
  • Reliable
  • Technology
  • Communication

We have worked hard over the last 60 years to build our credibility and reputation as a brand. They are what help us to win business due to the nature of what we do.

When restoring properties, whether they are much loved homes, or businesses that have been built up from scratch, customers, clients and policy holders are emotionally and financially attached. Making the decision to choose a restoration business, is one made with both the head and the heart. That’s where we try to reassure all customers alike, that we have their best interests at heart through our skills and understanding as well as speed and ease to deal with us.

By setting up your own restoration business, you will need to build these credentials from scratch. Build a reputation, build trust, establish your name in the sector. This all takes hard work, dedication and time. With us, we’ve already done that. Meaning that you can focus on growing your business rather than building it.Using your time effectively to get stuck straight in!

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time building relationships with insurers, loss adjusters, loss assessors and the general public so that you can build on them locally.

Our training and onboarding process shows you how you can build a business using our great foundations, we have various territories available and future training dates in 2021 so that you can start your journey with ServiceMaster Restore without delay.

We also have areas across the country where we are ‘caretaking’ contracts until a new franchise owner is in place to service it themselves – Contact us for further information at 0116 275 9005 /


If you’re a people person AND you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, a restoration services franchise could be well suited to you.

A restoration services franchise is suited to those who can’t sit at a desk for too long, who are desperate to strike up a conversion and be the first to solve a problem.

This is because the restoration services franchise opportunity with us at ServiceMaster Restore is owner operated (initially), so not only will you need to build a client base, but you’ll be out restoring disasters too.

Building your business 

You’ll spend time building a customer base by introducing your services to local council authorities, insurers, loss adjusters and loss assessors. The purpose here is to inform them of how you can help their clients, Whether they are a tenant or a policy holder, you won’t work directly with them, but instead for a third party who is taking care of the overall ‘job’.

Much of your time will be spent looking for and maintaining crucial business relationships – it’s where the majority of your work will come from. Good communication here is key,

Delivering your services 

Jobs will come in all shapes and sizes. Generally meaning that some jobs will be quick, others may last a longer period of time. You’ll also get non-urgent ‘fill in’ jobs that can bridge gaps between the larger ones, always ensuring your time is well spent.

Having a good split between being in the office and out on the tools is often the balance that most people are looking for, but can’t find. 

Our franchise opportunity delivers that. 

If you’d like further information on our franchise opportunity in the restoration sector, give us a call on 0116 275 9005 or email us at 

If you are looking for a business opportunity that will always be required now and in the future, a Restore franchise certainly meets the mark. 

Disasters aren’t to seek. Some cannot be predicted, nor prevented and instead, need to be resolved.

Our franchise owners have invested in a business for the future. It will never be out of date, unfashionable, unethical or unprofitable. Instead it is a necessity in ensuring the world carries on moving following a disaster, whether it’s a flood, fire, trauma case or something that’s never happened in the UK before.

Latest innovations in equipment, products and technology ensure that the role of our business owners gets easier and more effective, helping to make money easier and quicker.

Working with local and national insurers, loss adjusters, loss assessors, business intermediaries, councils and of course, the end customer – we have many routes to market. Whilst the route to market may be different for each, they all have one thing in common, they are looking for the quickest and most effective (cost effective too) solution to their disaster.

Our business has been established many years in the market place and we could be the solution for the route to market you are looking for.

If you’re hungry to build a business in a future-proof sector and have the gritty determination to succeed, we want to hear from you.

Contact us today on 0116 275 9005 / for more information

Alan Lewin, ServiceMaster UK Managing Director of 15 years speaks exclusively with Elite Franchise Magazine on the journey and future of ServiceMaster Brands in the United Kingdom.

Read in more detail about our MD Alan Lewin, our brands, opportunities, challenges, successes and innovations.

This is the first interview of its kind for ServiceMaster Brands UK and it is a real privilege to be able to share the finished article.

You can read the article in full HERE.

Credit to Martin Morris, Writer at Elite Franchise Magazine.

For any questions surrounding our brands and franchise opportunities, you can speak to our franchise department on 0116 275 9005.

When joining the ServiceMaster Restore network, you’ll need to exceptional skills in prioritisation and overcoming challenging situations. That’s because the business serves customers who are looking for ‘urgent’ or ’emergency’ services and work will need to be prioritised in order to meet service level agreements with the customer or third party (insurer, loss adjuster or assessor – where applicable).

Here’s 5 tips to help you to work ‘smarter, not harder’:

  1. Set timescales and deadlines – The best way to meet a deadline, is to set one and work back from it. Setting deadlines is essential in the restoration sector to ensure that jobs are closed and customers are back to normality as soon as possible.
  2. Plan! – Whilst it’s not easy to plan for a disaster, it’s easier to plan to overcome one. A disaster can be swiftly resolved by establishing and sticking to the plan.
  3. Results focussed – The end result is a swift, thorough, effective and safe clean up after an event. A great result is saving time or money for the customer – both if you can.
  4. Resourceful – Whilst much of the restoration work relies on knowledge and expertise, a lot of it is down to the access and capabilities of the technology. Our network have a wide range of suppliers who supply the most innovative solutions to restoration services. Often cutting down the time it takes to close a job.
  5. Time management – Time can run away with you and it’s important to spend time where it’s most valuable. Cutting out time wastage helps to ensure a more efficient job.

All of the above, as well as the general business disciplines required to operate a business and the technical aspect to deliver restoration services are covered as part of the comprehensive training programme when joining ServiceMaster Restore.

Our aim is to show you how to manage an efficient and profitable restoration business.

Contact us on 0116 275 9005 or for further information on our Restoration Services (ServiceMaster Restore) franchise opportunities today!