Franchise Focus – Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley is the proud owner of ServiceMaster Restore Southampton & Portsmouth. The franchise was set up almost 30 years ago, with Kevin and his wife owning it since 2006. The last 15 years have certainly learnt Kevin a lot about restoration services and he was happy to answer some quick-fire questions for us!

Q. What is the most challenging part of the business?

A. It has to be when there is a surge. This means that there is an influx of urgent jobs coming in and it’s important to get out and take care of them as soon as possible – after prioritisation of course.

Q. What are the most difficult jobs to deal with that come in? 

A. Generally fire jobs are the most difficult to clean up after because of the smoke and soot left behind after the fire. You could be cleaning it for days and weeks depending on the scale of it.

Q. What are the quickest jobs to deal with that come in? 

A. The quickest jobs are those where they are straight forward! This could be a needle pick up. Although this requires good planning and preparation to ensure it’s carried out safely and disposed of safely too.

Q. What are the longest jobs to deal with that come in? 

A. Both flood and fire jobs. These can go on for days, weeks, even months.

Q. What’s the most rewarding job to complete? 

A. Whilst it’s the hardest, fire jobs are generally the most rewarding because you can clearly see the impact made from your efforts by cleaning up the soot and smoke damage.

Q. What’s the quickest you can respond to an emergency? 

A. We have a client who is a short drive from us, as such, we can get there within the hour to start work straight away to minimise the damage.

Q. What attracted you to the business? 

A. The buzz and energy you get from providing reactive services!

Q. What attributes do you believe would a new Restoration business owner need to have?

A. A new owner would need to be a good planner, be willing and ready to go!

It’s worth noting that a Restore franchise is not for the faint hearted, but more for those with willing and a gritty determination to get things done. Whilst the work is challenging, it is rewarding and often demands a higher ticket price because of the nature of work.

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