Sales skills you’ll need, or need to get

A Restore franchise involves sales, marketing and operations.

That means that you’ll need to conduct marketing to gain interest to your business and then convert it, using sales techniques to win business. You’ll then go out and do the work yourself.

Some of us are naturally blessed when it comes to sales. That’s because selling is often more successful when it’s done with confidence and personality.

You can build confidence and work on your personality, but here are some key skills you’ll need to develop to be a great salesperson within your business:

  • Communication – Communication skills are key when it comes to effectively communicating with both prospects and customers
  • Listening – In particular, active listening skills to ensure that you’re able to deliver the most suitable solution to the customer
  • Objection handling – Not every call will be positive, so a good skill to have is one to switch a negative to a positive
  • Negotiation skills – These skills are often developed with practice, but can ensure that you get a good deal for you and the customer both
  • Timekeeping – One thing that can ruin all of your work when it comes to sales is not getting back to a customer or prospect when you should, timekeeping is key!

There are lots more skills that all help, but those five are the key skills that we find benefit most of our franchisees when it comes to selling their services to prospective clients.

As part of our training academy we have a great session on sales training to ensure that you feel confident in your sales skills before embarking on your new journey.

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