ServiceMaster Restore – 2020 in Review

Back in 2019 when we were evaluating our brand and making decisions for 2020, we could never have predicted what was in store for our franchise in 2020.

That said, our brand has developed, our franchise owners have built resilient businesses that have stood the difficult trading conditions that the pandemic has brought upon the globe.

The very early part of the year in January and February, the brand operated as per expected with a surge in flood related disasters and other general restorative works.

Early March the brand began to receive instructions to provide emergency deep cleaning and sanitisation following reports of potential contaminations from a new virus named Covid-19. As the new virus swept the nation, ServiceMaster Restore worked tirelessly to provide deep cleaning and sanitisation services to help to keep Britain moving through clean premises and safe employees and customers.

The Summer months proved to be a little less chaotic with regards to the virus and business was back to usual operations, whilst we sensed this was likely to be temporary, we ensured that we were prepared for a busy winter by sourcing more pairs of hands, equipment and products.

As deep cleaning and sanitisation proved to be a core service in 2020, we still maintained our response for our other emergency restoration services to ensure the safety and swift restoration of both our customers property and businesses premises.

In short, whilst 2020 proved to be a difficult year, utilising our support, ServiceMaster Restore franchise owners have showed new learnings and developed their businesses to survive in the new normal. As such, our brand has become more unified and much stronger.

All franchise owners are fully supported in all aspects of business not only by the franchise professionals at the franchise support centre, but also by the peer network of existing ServiceMaster Restore business owners.

Stronger together, ServiceMaster Restore Franchise.