Strength in numbers

The restoration sector is BIG and for big demand, you need big numbers.

But why? 

  1. Much of the sector is governed by insurers, loss adjusters and loss assessors who are both local and national. The easiest solution is for them to have a national contract where they know issues up and down the country will be resolved effectively
  2. Experienced restorers know how to minimise the affects of a claim to keep the costs down and the speed of resolution quick
  3. Some jobs are just too much for one business, having a network of businesses helps with the larger claims
  4. Big jobs, need a lot of kit. Sometimes much more than just one business has, again, having a network of businesses helps with the larger claims
  5. Claims come in at all hours of the day, all days of the week, so a 24/7 365 call taking service is essential to be able to respond quickly

How do we measure up?

  • ServiceMaster have been established over 60 years in the UK.
  • With 100+ covered territories in the UK, we’re a huge network to get the job done
  • Experience is second to none with hundreds of experienced technicians working each day
  • Kit is the best in the business, with thousands of pieces of kit used day in day out
  • Our centralised call centre operates every second of every day!

This is why clients want to work with us! Do you want to work with us too? 

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