Welcoming Jamie Williams, the new owner of ServiceMaster Restore Swansea

Say hello to Jamie Williams, who is making a triumphant return as a ServiceMaster franchisee as the new owner of ServiceMaster Restore Swansea.

We sat down with Jamie Williams during his training academy, which was conducted virtually, and allowed him to get to grips with his new business without travelling to a different country!

Jamie’s work history has stood him in good stead for running his new business. He begins his new chapter with prior experience as a ServiceMaster franchise and over a decade of working in the disaster restoration industry. Around 20 years ago, Jamie started working for the disaster restoration company ‘Rainbow International’. After some time there, Jamie moved on and joined the ServiceMaster brand family as a technician at ServiceMaster Clean in Auburn and Bridgend. Two years later, the current owner announced to his team that he was looking to sell his business, which at that time, included all of our ServiceMaster Clean franchise opportunities: Clean, Contract Services, and Restore, under one name. Jamie and a colleague expressed interest and bought the business from him. Then, after over a decade as a ‘Clean’ franchisee, which saw the birth of his twin girls, Jamie and his business partner made the decision not to renew their licences.

Two years and a global pandemic later, Jamie is now entering back into the ServiceMaster network, but this time, as a Restore franchisee. He says is ready to put all of his experience to good use helping people in need in his local community be they faced with a fire, flooding, or something else. Jamie has decades of practice working with BDME and carrying out all of the relevant processes that make your home and business, look and feel like itself again such as listing, stripping out rooms, and installing drying equipment. Jamie tells us that the thing he is most looking forward to is helping his customers with efficiency and compassion by helping them make a quick turnaround on the claim. If the council as rings us on a Monday,” Jamie cites as an example, “we’ll be there within 24 hours and hopefully either have it… repaired then and there on-site or put a program into place so it’ll be quick turnaround [and] within a fortnight they could have their tenant or whoever back in the property. [The most rewarding thing is] helping and assisting people as quick as you can,” he says.

For Jamie, being a Restore franchisee means making a difference to people, in a very significant way, when they need it most. “Obviously when you first initially walk into a property the … people you see [are] very upset, and by the end, [they’re] happy because [they’ve] got a new kitchen,” he says. He goes on to highlight the variety that he already knows is possible in your working life as a ServiceMaster Restore franchisee. “No two claims are the same,” he says. “What I always found was you’d go to million-pound mansions and then you go down to the local authority houses. So, you see the whole range of customers. You have to deal with each one individually and what have you and speak to them individually. [Meaning] no two days were ever the same.”

And Jamie already has bigger and better plans for the future of his business, “I’ve already picked up a couple of jobs. They come in quicker than [even] I thought! So yeah, fingers crossed within three months I’m hoping it’ll be like I’ve never been away because of the constant influx of work.”

Jamie plans to do this by targeting housing associations as a way to get his name circulating in the local area and “Hopefully, in two years, we’ll be bigger than I ever was before,” he says. This is an ambition, he adds, that is supported and made possible through the support of the ServiceMaster brand and network.

With over 60 years as nationwide leaders in the cleaning and disaster restoration industry, as Jamie says, “We’ve got the history. We’re a well-known brand and [clients] trust” in ServiceMaster and our brand. And this trust extends to Jamie and the help he can receive from our network and franchise support centre. “Having the support behind you with [head office is invaluable]”, Jamie says. really. “[If] I’m stuck on the marketing or anything else I can come back to you, if I’m stuck on the drying, I can come back to [you], if I’m stuck everything really from A-Z on the business, whatever issue I’ve got, the answers are up at head-office.”

This is a sense of security, Jamie recognises, that would not be possible if he were in business by himself. “If I were to open up as ‘JW Cleaning,’ I think it’s a lot harder to sell a name like that than it is ServiceMaster, which is a nationally recognised company,” he says. “It’d be very difficult I think.”

Whether you’re new to disaster restoration and franchising, or an industry professional – the tried and tested ServiceMaster Restore model can help you develop a highly successful business. With the support of a nationally recognised brand behind you, a ServiceMaster Restore franchise allows you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

If you can see yourself making a difference to those in your community in need of professional disaster restoration services, join Jamie in taking the first step towards your future today by discovering available ServiceMaster Restore territories near you today.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer