What to expect – A day in the life of

If you were to ask any of our franchise owners what to expect, it would be fair to say they’d tell you to ‘expect the unexpected’. That’s because most disasters can’t be preempted and instead, our Restore businesses respond to emergency disasters.

So you’re wondering if this sounds like the right opportunity for you?

Here’s a very brief description of what a day in the life of Restore could look like:

06:15am – A call from a distressed customer having experienced an escape of water

06:45am – Jump in the van with appropriate equipment to attend site

07:05am – Arrive onsite and write report detailing incident and remedial action required

07:30am – Customer having signed off works, escape of water detected, leak repaired, full damage assessed and water extraction to begin

08:30am – Travel to existing job to check on progress

09:30am – Complete checks, feedback to customer on progress of remedial works

10:30am – Coffee!

11:00am – Head out to second existing job of the day to check on progress

12:00 noon – Good progress made, fed back to customer

13:00pm – Lunch!

13:30pm – Head to third existing job of the day to check on progress

14:15pm – Whilst on third job, an emergency call comes in for another escape of water

15:05pm – Arrive at emergency job. Report and plan documented, remedial works signed off by the customer, remedial works to begin

16:00pm – Back to the warehouse to drop off unused kits, dispose of waste correctly and make preparations for the next call out!

As no two days are the same in a Restore business, this could may well be a typical day out of 7! There’s very little time to get bored, no change of ground hog day and certainly many rewards to be reaped.

The early mornings, late nights and dirty work will all be worth it when you see how you have helped customers. You have the opportunity to build up your business in the local area to be well known and trusted in a customers hour of need. All contributing to your career and financial goals.

For more information on our exciting and challenging franchise opportunity, contact us on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk to discuss how you’ll never be alone in this kind of work and how the benefits far outweigh the challenges