Work smart, not hard

When joining the ServiceMaster Restore network, you’ll need to exceptional skills in prioritisation and overcoming challenging situations. That’s because the business serves customers who are looking for ‘urgent’ or ’emergency’ services and work will need to be prioritised in order to meet service level agreements with the customer or third party (insurer, loss adjuster or assessor – where applicable).

Here’s 5 tips to help you to work ‘smarter, not harder’:

  1. Set timescales and deadlines – The best way to meet a deadline, is to set one and work back from it. Setting deadlines is essential in the restoration sector to ensure that jobs are closed and customers are back to normality as soon as possible.
  2. Plan! – Whilst it’s not easy to plan for a disaster, it’s easier to plan to overcome one. A disaster can be swiftly resolved by establishing and sticking to the plan.
  3. Results focussed – The end result is a swift, thorough, effective and safe clean up after an event. A great result is saving time or money for the customer – both if you can.
  4. Resourceful – Whilst much of the restoration work relies on knowledge and expertise, a lot of it is down to the access and capabilities of the technology. Our network have a wide range of suppliers who supply the most innovative solutions to restoration services. Often cutting down the time it takes to close a job.
  5. Time management – Time can run away with you and it’s important to spend time where it’s most valuable. Cutting out time wastage helps to ensure a more efficient job.

All of the above, as well as the general business disciplines required to operate a business and the technical aspect to deliver restoration services are covered as part of the comprehensive training programme when joining ServiceMaster Restore.

Our aim is to show you how to manage an efficient and profitable restoration business.

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